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Actors and actresses have always had a great appeal for

celebrity autographs

collectors. The stars who led exciting or scandalous lives always had even more appeal for collectors. The stars who died young and had already established their fame are usually quite rare and very valuable. These autographs are also the favorites of forgers, so proceed with caution. James Dean is one of those who lead an exciting life and died young. Marilyn Monroe is certainly another. These autographs are usually quite rare and expensive. Be extremely careful when purchasing these signatures. Make sure you are buying from legitimate dealers. Do your homework, ask around about the reputation of dealers. If you buy on ebay, feedback does not necessarily mean anything. Celebrity autographs are often found in old time autograph books, which were used by autograph "hounds" to chase celebrity entertainers for their autographs. One of the best ways to assure authenticity is to find one of these old books, chock full of original, authentic autographs. The original collector stuck this book in the face of some celebrity and got a page signed. You are almost always assured of the authenticity of any autographs in an autograph book. As an autograph dealer I am always pleased to purchase one of these books. Autographed photographs are especially prized and scarce. Many fan mail requests were answered with preprinted signatures. That is the

celebrity autographs

would be reproduced on the photograph and that would then be used to answer fan mail requests. While these photographs are of high quality, the autograph collector does not really value them. Many novices mistakenly believe they have authentically autographed items. Be sure to look for ink separation from the photograph, to determine if this has happened.Letters and documents signed by celebrities are highly prized by collectors. Handwritten letters with interesting content are among the most prized autograph items by celebrity autographs collectors. Occasionally contracts appear in the autograph marketplace. These are also highly desirable and are a good way of assuring authenticity of the celebrity autograph. Authenticity of course, is the major concern of all autograph collectors. Collectors should always be aware of secretarial signatures in the celebrity autographs market. Many fan mail requests were answered with a beautiful photograph, signed by the stars secretary. Often the signatures would come close to matching the celebrity, but a good book of exemplars will be very helpful to the autograph collector who is concerned about this problem. Be certain the dealer you are buying from is experienced and trustworthy. BE SURE that the dealer is a member of at least one of the professional autograph dealer associations. (UACC, IADA, Manuscript Society). Be wary of the ebay only sellers. If you are going to mat and frame your autograph item, then make sure your framer uses acid free mat.
Be extremely careful if you are buying autographs of current celebrities. The FBI has told me that currently this is the most dangerous area of autograph collecting.


BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL if you want to buy autographs of current stars on Internet auction sites. The FBI has stated to me that the forgery problem is greatest in the current movie star marketplace. Celebrity autographs collectors should be extremely careful in this area. Often sellers of celebrity autographs will have a photo of themselves with the star. This is no guarantee that the celebrity autograph you will be receiving is authentic. Many sellers on internet auction sites do not honor refund requests. Be very careful. Be certain your seller is a real autograph dealer and not some fly by night hustler who sells only on ebay.


The FBI has charged another six people with crimes related to selling forged autographs, the continuing result of Operation Bullpen, the five-year investigation that has largely turned its attention from brick-and-mortar shops to the Internet.

The latest announcements stemming from what can be called Operation Bullpen Phase II include Truly Unique Collectibles, which was a large player in the celebrity autographs world. The announcements come almost exclusively from the work of FBI agent Tim Fitzsimmons of the agency’s San Diego office, and all charges come from the United States District Court for the Southern District of California, which is in San Diego. None of the following people have been convicted.

Truly Unique Collectibles: James Ferrazzano, owner and operator of Truly Unique Collectibles, faces federal charges of conspiracy to commit mail fraud. Ferrazzano is from White Plains, N.Y. Fitzsimmons said as far as he knows, Truly Unique didn’t have real material for at least a year. It specialized in entertainment autographs – celebrity autographs such as musicians and movie stars. Its products came with a Truly Unique certificate of authenticity. “There was very little real material,” Fitzsimmons said. “At one time, years ago, he did (have real autographs). But for numerous months, maybe even as long as a year, I don’t believe there were any real items going out.” Fitzsimmons said the forger has not yet been charged.

Mississippi couple: Guy and Denise Wallman of Pass Christian, Miss., were charged with eight counts of mail fraud and one count of conspiracy to commit mail fraud. Fitzsimmons said the Wallmans used three eBay IDs. “There was a small percentage of sports, but the vast majority was Hollywood stuff, and it was almost exclusively 8-by-10s,” Fitzsimmons said. The forger hasn’t yet been charged. The Wallmans’ certificates of authenticity included Collectibles of Distinction, General Pictures, Stardust Collectibles and Royce Galleries. Fitzsimmons said he doesn’t believe it’s possible to have a real autograph with one of those four COAs.

Ohio State students: Kumba Ardabili and Jeffrey Coffman, each a student at Ohio State, have been charged with one count each with conspiracy to commit mail fraud. Ardabili and Coffman used the eBay ID jungleka98. That ID is no longer a registered eBay ID.

Guntherthegreat: Robert Yancey Lawhorn of Galveston, Texas, is charged with one count of wire fraud and one count of tax evasion. Lawhorn used the eBay ID “guntherthegreat,” which has an eBay feedback total of 1,271. Guntherthegreat had a wide variety of product across all sports and athletes. Fitzsimmons anticipates at least 10-12 more people will be charged in the next few months. In general, he’s pleased with the progress made in sports autographs and he’s been concentrating on entertainment autographs and celebrity autographs of late. “We’re definitely seeing fewer blatant, obvious forgeries in the sporting realm,” he said, “whereas we’re seeing a lot of that in the Hollywood and celebrities realms.”

If you are familair with newsgroups on the Internet, I suggest you start to read the .alt collecting autographs newsgroup. Many collectors post valuable tips for the celebrity autographs collector on this newsgroup. I strongly urge collectors to read this newsgroup.


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Values have continued to increase in celebrity autographs, especially movie star autographs. I would expect this increase to continue.


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